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My normal journal is [info]_meandthemajor. When I started getting good with picnik, I didn't want my journal to be over-run with graphics. That's all this is going to be, a graphics journal.

x - comments are nice if you like something
x - credit is nice too ... either [info]majorsicons or [info]_meandthemajor
x - please don't hotlink
x - I don't care if you use these as bases, just comment saying so

Also, the tags listed on the left side of the screen look messy to me. Here's a link to my tags page, I think it will be easier, until I change the layout of this journal.

14 icons

[04] - Sporting Lisbon
[10] - Johnny Cash

spl4.jpg image by rosesfootballicon jc4.jpg image by rosesfootballicon


[17] - arsenal icons

4.jpg image by rosesfootballicon 16.jpg image by rosesfootballicon 6.jpg image by rosesfootballicon

x - comment
x- credit majorsicons
or _meandthemajor

Simon & Garfunkel

[09] - Simon & Garfunkel

01.jpg image by rosesfootballicon 04.jpg image by rosesfootballicon 07.jpg image by rosesfootballicon

36 misc icons

[08] - Arsenal transfers Nasri & Ramsey
[06] - Arsenal pre season training
[05] - Woody Allen
[10] - Cassandra's Dream
[07] - Okkervil River

ar.jpg image by rosesfootballicon wa4.jpg image by rosesfootballicon cd5.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon or4.jpg image by rosesfootballicon

last batch of Euro '08 icons

[29] - Spain NT Euro 2008 celebrations
[04] - Daniel Alves Barcelona transfer

11.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon 13.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon da2.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon

24 icons

[06] - Germany NT
[08] - Euro 2008: misc, fans, ect.
[06] - The Decemberists
[04] - The Avett Brothers

[02] - Friends only banners
        - Okkervil River
        - Spain NT

av1.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon d6.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon m2.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon

football icons

[21] - Spain NT
[07] - Andrei Arshavin
[02] - Christoph Metzelder

s20.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon a7.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon c1.jpg


[09] - Andrei Arshavin 
[08] - Germany v Turkey

02.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon 04.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon g8.jpg picture by rosesfootballicon